A preliminary hearing Monday in the case of a man accused of shooting a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agent at Wham Break in May included the alleged gunman’s statement to authorities the night he was captured, a newspaper has reported. 

The Lafayette Daily Advertiser quoted the report of Trooper Johnny Brown, who questioned Luke J. Hust after he was arrested in connection with the May 21 incident on Russell Sage WMA that resulted in LDWF’s Sgt. Scott Bullitt being shot in the back.

“I was just minding my own business, you know what I’m saying, wasn’t doing no drugs or nothing like that. I had a gun on me, yeah, that I’m a convicted felon, and the situation, they way the situation happened, I mean, I’m not going ... either way it goes I’m over with. That could have been avoided right there, but that was just the heat of the moment,” Hust, 29, said, according to The Advertiser. “He put his hand on me, when he went to seeing what I had on me, and I mean that was my reaction, and I mean, it wasn’t the best, but either way it goes, I’m over with ... get caught with a gun, 15 to 20 years ... anyway it goes that’s the rest of my life in prison.

"I wish that didn’t have to happen.”

Bullitt and his partner, Josh Harris, had stopped Hust and another man, identified as Toby Trichell, to see if they had permits to be on the WMA. Trichell, who said he was unaware that Hust had a gun, gave permission for the agents to search the vehicle, and allowed Bullitt to pat him down, according to the story in The Advertiser.

According to Brown’s investigation, when Bullitt patted down Hust and looked at Harris to let him know he had potentially found a weapon, Hust broke free and ran as Bullitt and Harris drew their Tasers. Harris fired his Taser but missed, then drew his weapon and took cover behind a check-in station as bullets hit the ground near him, the story in The Advertiser states. 

Shortly after that, Trichell yelled to Harris that Bullitt had been shot and needed help. Trichell said he saw Hust pointing his weapon at the agent and witnessed Bullitt spin, drop to his knees and then roll into a ditch, according to The Advertiser.

Trichell went to Bullitt’s aid, according to Brown’s investigation of the incident.

“Agent Bullitt had his gun drawn and began begging Trichell not to kill him. Trichell told him, ‘I’m not here to hurt you, I’m here to help you.’ Agent Bullitt asked Trichell to tell his family that he loved them. Trichell stated he laid over Agent Bullitt because he feared Hust may come back and finish him off. Trichell hoped that by being over the agent, Hust would not shoot him anymore because of his presence. Trichell noticed Agent Harris had taken cover behind the check-in station. Trichell told Agent Harris his partner had been shot and needed help,” according to Brown’s report in The Advertiser.

Hust has been charged with two counts of attempted first degree murder and one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. According to testimony, Hust told authorities the gun was stolen, the story in the Advertiser states.

No charges were filed against Trichell, who told authorities he had known Hust since he was a child. 

Trichell said he drove Hust to a store to buy cigarettes, and they planned on stopping at Wham Break for a few minutes before eventually heading to Hust’s residence. Another hearing date in the case is set for Oct. 15, with the trial scheduled to start on Nov. 30, according to the newspaper report.