If you’re trying to track down speckled trout in a new area — or if you’re just trying to locate a spot where everyone’s catching that you can’t find — Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge has the exact information you need to be successful.

Capt. Paul Titus currently has thousands of waypoint locations across the Louisiana coast for 21 specific areas, from Big Lake to Vermilion Bay and Lake Pontchartrain to Delacroix.

“It gives you a definite edge in getting out and getting to some prime fishing locations in southern Louisiana,” said Titus, who is currently compiling waypoints for both Venice and Toledo Bend that will be available in the future.

Honey holes like underwater reefs, shoals and structures for each specific location are provided, and the waypoints are delivered in files via email specifically for the GPS system you specify. Files are currently formatted for units from Delorme, Garmin, Humminbird, Lowrance - Eagle, Magellan, MapTech, My Topo, Raymarine, Google Earth -Places and Generic GPX.

“Right now, I have a separate file for each of the locations for each GPS manufacturer,” he said. “All those different units require a different format. They specify which unit they want and what area they want, and I get it to them in the correct format.”

All purchases come with a detailed instruction sheet, an Excel spread sheet including a description and latitude and longitude for each location with some fishing tips, plus a PDF map of the area showing all of the waypoints.

Titus said the system provides a vast amount of information you can use to your advantage as you become more familiar with a particular area.

“I might have an underwater reef marked that you might not catch anything on all day. But if you move 50 yards, you’re liable to find another spot that’s very productive,” he said. “So mark and save that second spot, and add it to the existing waypoints in the Edge.

“Use the Edge as a building block to creating your own personal Edge system. Keep experimenting with it.”

Waypoints are available for many additional areas, including Cocodrie-Dulac, Empire-Buras, Lafitte, The Rigolets, Barataria Bay, Myrtle Grove and more. 

Files for each location are available in the Louisiana Sportsman Outdoor Store and cost $24.95 each, and can be ordered here.