It's a good bet the Virginia hunter in the attached video thought he was capturing a special moment when a bobcat responded to his turkey call, stalking to within feet of the man's position.

And the camouflaged man was correct — especially when the slinking feline charged the concealed hunter.

The video isn't the best quality, but it begins with the bobcat slipping from behind a tree and stopping to inspect the source of the calling the animal obviously assumed was an easy meal.

You can watch how deliberate a stalking bobcat is when it inches slowly closer. The intensity of the scene is palpable as the cat's eyes remain riveted on its intended target, with the animal stationary within arm's reach of the hunter.

For almost 20 seconds, the only movement from the cat is its short tail twitching in anticipation of the attack.

The video doesn't record any words from the hunter, but it's a pretty sure bet that he probably assumed at this point the bobcat would sense something amiss and take off.

Instead, the cat pounced, eliciting a shocked whoop from the hunter.

The video understandably gets a little jumbled at that point, as the hunter fends off the attack, and stablizes a moment later to catch a faint streak of the bobcat's retreat through the woods.

It's fascinating to watch, but it's probably a safe to say this hunter won't let another predator get quite so close before announcing his presence.