Some videos leave you scratching your head, wondering why people choose to do really stupid things — all while recording themselves as apparent proof of their poor decision-making ability.

Just like the guy who cuts down a tree that lands smack on top of his house or the skateboarder who falls off the railing and face-plants into the sidewalk, the driver of this pickup truck who decides to mess around with a gator is headed for an ending he’s obviously not expecting.

Which raises even more questions, like why he chose to harass the alligator at all? Why not just shoot a little video and then put the truck in reverse and leave it alone?  Why keep advancing on it when it’s plain to see the reptile is not at all pleased at being forced to retreat?

In a cloud of dust, the gator delivers a quick serving of street justice — which leads to one last question: If you had just shot video of a gator absolutely destroying the front of your truck, would you share it for all the world to see?

I probably wouldn’t, but I’m really glad he did.

Today's final score: Alligator 1, Nissan 0.