Wild things can happen whenevever you step on a boat, but what do you do if you're billfishing and a 600-pound marlin decides to hop aboard?

That's what the crew of the Little Audrey faced while fighting a huge marlin off Australia. And the entire episode was caught on cameras set up around the boat.

The video begins by showing an angler cranking on a rod, and then switches to a view from the tower as the deck of the boat is flooded with water when the captain backs down on the fish. One angler is on the rod, one is working the line and another is filming with a GoPro camera on a stick.

Then a huge billfish greyhounds behind the boat before turning and heading down the starboard side, while the line guy begins wrapping up to pull the fish to the gunnel.

That's when things went awry and the huge fish leaps into the boat, sending the anglers scrambling and equipment flying.

Several cameras mounted around the boat catch it all from different angles. So watch the vid to see the action.