If you’re in the process of gathering up items for your deer hunting bag, David Ellis recently put together a video you need to check out before heading into the woods.

The general dentist from Prairieville, who's an avid bowhunter, had just wrapped up his first day in the stand this season when he decided to shoot the video and share the contents of his hunting bag on LouisianaSportsman.com’s forum to help out others.

“My youngest brother got me into bowhunting,” said Ellis, who hunts on 160 acres in Natchez, Miss. “He actually had an old Hoyt Dinosaur bow, and he moved away where he couldn’t use it so he gave it to me. 

“So I started using it and I liked it, so I started getting all the gear to get into it.”

Among the items Ellis carries with him on every hunt are a range finder, safety belt, video camera, grunt call, rattle bag, flashlights, a sharp knife, flagging tape to mark a blood trail and a compass, which he uses to get a directional heading from his stand for a deer he’s arrowed.

“It’s very helpful in finding a deer you’ve shot with your bow but have to go look for him,” he says in the video.

He also keeps a small limb saw with a retractable blade in his bag, and described it as one of the most important items he brings along. 

“I always have that with me, especially early in the season,” he said.

One pocket of his bag is reserved for various scents, and he always keeps extra string and rope, a spare bow hanger, a multi-tool, as well as a radio with ear buds so he doesn’t miss LSU games in the stand.

In the video, Ellis pulls out each item and briefly tells why it earned a spot in his bag.

“Almost every bit of it as it relates to bow hunting comes from the school of hard knocks,”  said Ellis, who has been bowhunting for about 12 years.