Specks started appearing pretty consistently in inside waters around Dularge about two weeks ago, and Capt. Marty LaCoste is hopeful this week’s cool front will push even more trout his way.

“I think they’re still in the process of moving in,” LaCoste said. “This front and the cool down will definitely be a big help.

“This should hopefully make a good push for them because it’s supposed to be in the 50s the next few days.”

LaCoste, with Absolute Fishing Charters, said he’s been using double-rigged Matrix Vortex shad fishing birds, and the same plastic baits under popping corks over oyster reefs in Sister Lake, Lake Michaud and Lost Lake.

“Right now, the trout are going to be feeding on shrimp,” he said. “You’re going to be looking for the birds in the lakes.

“We’ll pull up upwind, stop the boat, then drift into them with the trolling motor. Usually, once we catch the first fish, I‘ll drop the Power-Pole. Depending on what they do, sometimes you can just sit on them, and sometimes they’ll just slowly move away. Sometimes the birds will leave and you can keep catching 20 or 30 minutes after they’re gone.”

The bite under the birds is usually pretty quick, he said.

“The trout are on the surface feeding on the shrimp, so you’re usually getting one or two fish on as soon as the baits hit the water. If you don’t get a hit, it’s a slow steady retrieve,” LaCoste said. “If you feel them bump, bump, bump, I’ve been stopping it.

“Pause it and let it fall a little bit, and they’ll pick it up on the fall.”

 Lately, LaCoste said he’s using the Vortex purple haze and shrimp cocktail with ¼-ounce jigheads on his double rigs.

“I always have two different colors,” he said.

Under a popping cork, LaCoste uses a ¼-ounce jighead with either a shrimp cocktail or purple haze Vortex shad, or a Matrix shad in green hornet.

“On top of the reefs with the popping corks, we’ve caught some bigger fish up to 16 and 17 inches,” he said.

Water temperature was 83 degrees on Sunday, but LaCoste said this cool snap, combined with a great fishing forecast for later in the week through the weekend, could mean solid days ahead for trout fishermen.

“I think the fishing is just going to be fantastic,” he said. “I think this front right here is really going to be a big help.”