EDITOR’S NOTE: With fishing action in full swing this summer, we thought now would be a great time to highlight a series on several basic fishing knots that can be used by a variety of anglers. 

Last week we highlighted the Albright knot.

Today we tackle the surgeon’s knot, which is a simple modification to a reef knot. 

It’s commonly used in fly fishing to join two lines of moderately unequal size, like a tippet to a leader.

Remember to moisten your line before pulling tight, especially for fluorocarbon that’s easily damaged by heat from friction. 

How to tie a surgeon’s knot:

1. Place leader next to the mainline.

2. Form an overhand knot by passing the long end of the leader and tag end of the mainline through the loop.

3. Form a second overhand knot by passing the same ends through the loop.

4. Moisten and tighten by pulling all four ends slowly. Trim tag ends.