EDITOR’S NOTE: With fishing action in full swing this summer, we thought now would be a great time to highlight a series on several basic fishing knots that can be used by a variety of anglers. 

Last week we highlighted the double-uni knot.

Today we tackle the Albright knot, which is a perfect choice for attaching a mainline to a leader, especially when you’re dealing with two different diameter lines.

Remember to moisten your line before pulling tight, especially for fluorocarbon that’s easily damaged by heat from friction. 

How to tie an Albright knot:

1. Double up the last two inches of the mainline and run the tag end of the leader through the loop. If you've already tied a loop knot in the mainline, just run the tag end of the leader through the loop in the line.

2. Wind leader line over itself and mainline at least five times.

3. Pass tag end of leader line back through the loop.

4. Moisten the lines and pull to tighten the knot.