The rock jetty at the mouth of South Pass at the mouth of the Mississippi River has claimed another victim, according to a Baton Rouge angler who texted a photo to Louisiana Sportsman. And the latest news is that the boat is burning.

Ed Sexton, who is featured in Trout Masters, How Louisiana's best anglers catch the lunkers and is a Venice regular, also posted the attached photo on his Facebook account.

"This is what you call a 'bad day,'" Sexton wrote on his Facebook post.

Sexton told Louisiana Sportsman by text that the boat ran aground on the rocks, which lurk just below the surface of the water on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, yesterday afternoon.

"It may have just caught on fire," Sexton texted at 3:40 p.m. while fishing. "We see some black smoke from that direction."

The jetty once were visible, but have been underwater for years now. But there isn't much water above the rocks, so boats ignoring the navigation signs marking the mouth of the pass are likely to become beached.