Ever forget to put the plug in your boat before backing in? Or fail to remove the transom straps? Or maybe you just back off the end of the boat ramp?

Yeah, go ahead and admit it: You've done all of that at one point or another.

So you have to feel for this guy, who's truck and trailer ended up completely submerged in the waters just off the Bayou Corne Boat Launch in Assumption Parish

The attached video posted on June 3 by Youtube user rainbeaudais shows the Ford 4x4 being pulled from the waters of Bayou Corne by a crane, with the boat trailer being lifted out seperately. A scuba diver had to attach the lift's cable.

In the video description, rainbeaudais explained the incident happened after the area received 9 inches or rain (indicating it was during the recent storms) and that the driver reportedly escaped from his truck through a window as the vehicle sunk below the water.

There was no word on how the incident happened or where the angler's boat was (it wasn't winched out of the water).