EDITOR’S NOTE: With fishing action ramping up as we head towards summer, we thought now would be a great time to start a series on several basic fishing knots that can be used by a variety of anglers. 

Last week we highlighted the improved clinch knot.

Today we tackle the blood knot.

Read the instructions below, then watch the accompanying video for great step-by-step visuals.

The blood knot is perfect for splicing two lines of similar diameter. You can also use it to attach fluorocarbon or mono leaders to braided mainline.

Remember to always moisten your line before pulling it tight, especially for fluorocarbon line that’s easily damaged by heat from friction.

How to tie a blood knot:

1. Cross the two sections of line to be joined and then wrap one tag end around the standing part of the other line five to seven times, depending on line diameter. 

2. Pass the tag end back between the two lines. 

3. Wrap the other tag end the same way and bring it back through the same opening. 

4. Moisten the line and pull the standing lines to tighten the knot.