If you’re in the market for a trail cam to monitor your food plot this summer and don’t want to waste a lot of time reviewing images, check out the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro with Tru-Video.

It’s different from most time-lapse video cameras because when it records an image, it saves it directly to an HD video format instead of an individual image file.

So once you get your memory card, you can view all the recorded images, thousands of them, in minutes.

The PlotWatcher Pro also has the capturing interval available, with only one second between images.

And with GameFinder software, you can fast forward or rewind to times of action, saving you even more time.

Battery life is unbeatable, too: up to four months, or 1 million images, on one set of batteries.

For more information on the PlotWatcher Pro, visit Day 6 online by clicking here