Redfish and speckled trout action has been dependent on the wind and being able to find clean water out of Cypremort Point, according to a local guide.

Todd Semar, with Bulle-Eye Guide Service in Lydia, said pogeys are a good indication of where redfish can be caught right now.

“Our bay doesn’t have a lot of shrimp, but it has a lot of pogeys right now,” Semar said. “You’ll see them running through the lakes or along Marsh Island.

“When you see them that thick, they’ll probably have reds in the area because they don’t have much shrimp.”

Action has been better on the west side because the water has been clearer there, he said.

“The east side of the bay has been more salty, but a lot more stained,” he said. “They have a lot more bait on that side and quite a bit of redfish along Marsh Island.

“But at the Pass, the Hell Hole, the edge of the Gulf from Tete Butte to Diamond Reef, they have fish on all those banks in grass when the water is high.”

Frozen shrimp, or 4-inch Gulp! shrimp in new penny under a cork, have been working.

“Gulp is good this time of the year because it stays on the hook and redfish eat it pretty good,” Semar said. “Especially with not a lot of shrimp in the bay and pogeys being the bait of choice.”

Semar’s gotten reports of some speckled trout around Diamond Reef and Tete Butte.

“This time of the year, specks are heading out to the reefs,” he said. “There’s some nice fishing when the water is right.

“Wherever I could find the saltiest, greenest water from The Keys to Tete Butte is where I would try for specks.”

Since live shrimp aren’t available yet, Semar recommended Vudu shrimp a couple of feet under a popping cork for specks.