Windy conditions have muddied the waters near Lafitte, but the redfish and black drum bite remains steady, a fishing guide said.

Capt. Kris Hebert with Kris Fishing Charters said Monday night’s cold front and today’s north winds aren’t helping with what has already been several days of tough conditions.

“This weather needs to stop so we can catch some fish,” Hebert said. “The fish are out there, but we can’t get to them.”

Hebert said he battled the wind on trips Friday, Sunday and again yesterday.

“The wind beat us up, with lots of muddy water,” he said. “The thing about Lafitte is we’re very shallow with a very soft bottom, so when we have wind, it really muddies up the water so much. We have no more deep canals really, it’s filling in.”

For redfish, Hebert suggested working the shoreline, fishing points and pockets near Plum Point or Coffee Bay with shrimp under a cork, a spinnerbait or with a chartreuse cocahoe.

“The fish are in the ponds, but the tide has been so darn low that you can’t get in there,” he said.

When fishing for redfish, Hebert suggested anglers try more locations instead of driving past them.

“You don’t know until you try,” he said. “If you see bait or something, try it, because there’s something there.”

Speckled trout have not shown up yet in the area in consistent numbers, he said, but warmer temperatures should have them arriving soon near Plum Point, the Grand Bayou area and St. Mary's Point.

“I think if we start getting 80- or 85-degree weather, there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll kick on,” Hebert said. “We just have to get the weather for them because they’re out there.”

The return of south and southeast winds will greatly improve water quality, he said.

"The south wind clears us up pretty good and brings in good water from Barataria Bay," he said.