Hog hunting is a ton of fun, and it can extend hunting season. But as LouisianaSportsman.com user Chris Morris discovered in early February, wild pigs can be dangerous.

Morris, who goes by morrisvswild on the LouisianaSportsman.com forum, was attacked by a hog he didn't even know was there, but the danger increases when you start pushing them with dogs.

That's the lesson the hunter in this video learned when one a hog appeared out of the fog. The vid, shot with a GoPro-type camera mounted on the unidentified hunter's head, begins with the man shouldering a rifle.

A hog then appears, running with dog in tow. Presumably because of the dog's presence, the hunter refrains from shooting.

The hog veers driecly toward the hunter and slams into him, knocking the man down and rolling him. A shot can be heard as the rifle discharges into the ground.

But the hog isn't done yet: It wheels on the man and charges him once more before turning and running off — followed closely by a dog.

The man finished off the hog as it fled— which is pretty impressive since he had been charged by the swine twice and his adrenaline had to be spiked.

The vid ends with the man wiping his brow. Bet he had to do some other wiping, as well.