Plano Guide Series Tackle Bag

Winner of the Best Tackle Management award at ICAST 2013, this intuitively re-engineered bag features a molded top that holds a 3700, 3600 or 3500 ProLatch StowAway box in place with elastic straps. Remove the StowAway and you have a handy workspace for rigging tackle.

With five additional boxes stored inside the bag, it’s easy to switch out your top StowAway so you always keep your most-relevant tackle within easy reach.

The Guide Series Tackle Bags abound with other features, such as a molded impact-resistant waterproof base that gives the bags a sense of ruggedness. The outside of each bag features two padded pockets for sunglasses, a smartphone, and other valuables, and cavernous easy-access compartments flank its sides. A clear zippered pocket under the top cover is ideal for maps and that often-misplaced fishing license.

An all-purpose PVC mesh pocket on the back and specialty pliers pockets and wallet sleeve round out the features.

Available in four sizes, the Guide Series model measures 20 inches by 13 inches by 11.5 inches and comes with six 3600 Series ProLatch StowAway boxes. The 3700 model has the same dimensions and comes with six 3700 Series ProLatch StowAway boxes. Next in line, the 3600 spans 17 inches by 10.25 inches by 10.25, and is packaged with the same 3600 StowAways.

The smallest option ­— the 3500 — includes five 3500 Series ProLatch StowAway boxes and measures 12 inches by 6.5 inches by 7 inches.

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Frabill F Series Storm Gear

Keeping anglers warm and dry should be the assumption for rain gear, but Frabill goes Emerill and takes it up a notch with the new F Series Storm Gear.

Superior fit and function, designer Chris Leonard said, are what make these garments stand out from the rest. As comfortable as your favorite T-shirt with a pair of broken-in jeans, the F1 Series provides a wide range of motion with lots of flexibility in the elbows, knees and backside.

Frabill’s F-Series Storm Gear family includes — from good to better to best — the F-2 ($249), F-3 ($399) and F-4 ($599). The F-3 and F-4 feature a three-ply construction with a shell layer, laminate and inside liner (in other words, no loose linings); the three layers combine to be the most-comfortable, breathable and waterproof material on the market.

Painstaking attention to detail furthers with gusseting and strap configuration on the bibs. All F-Series Storm Gear feature 100-percent waterproof crotch areas and premium 2-inch-wide shoulder straps with cam-lock buckles. Gusseting means taking an entirely separate piece of fabric and sewing it between the legs to offer full range of motion. And then the seams are sealed to guarantee that water doesn’t seep through.

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Foreverlast G2 Pro Wading Belt

Whether you’re on a serious stalking mission or just a casual day of strolling the shallow surf, fishing on foot is a lot easier when you can keep your gear organized and accessible. The new Foreverlast G2 Pro Wading Belt offers waders a comfortable and convenient option that will eliminate concerns over tackle management and let you focus on making the right cast.

This belt kit comes with all the essentials. Anglers can now customize their belts by placing all of their tools in the location of their choosing with fully adjustable Velcro lift-and-lock systems. Features include pliers with sheath, removable tackle box, rod holder, 15-foot stringer, removable back-support system and drink holder.

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