Lew’s BB1 Inshore Speed Spool

Tough enough to stop a bull red, the BB1 Inshore Speed Spool combines strength and performance in a baitcast reel designed specifically for the demands of inshore saltwater fishing. Built for battle, these reels feature sturdy one-piece aluminum frames and gear side plates.

This series includes the IS1H with its 6.4:1 gear ratio and the high-speed IS1SH (7.1:1). Both reels sport premium eight-bearing systems with double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings for anti-rust reliability and high-strength brass gearing for stamina.

Oversized titanium line guides are positioned farther from the spool to minimize line friction and maximize line flow. Extra-deep spools holding up to 160 yards of 12-pound monofilament or 50-pound braid ensure plenty of line for long casts and long fish runs. Spools are machined, double-anodized aluminum and braid-ready.

Lew’s MSB multi-setting brake system incorporates magnetic and centrifugal brakes for cast management, while the rugged carbon composite metal star drag system provides 14 pounds of smooth maximum drag performance.

BB1 Inshore reels feature Lew’s rock-solid Zero Reverse anti-reverse for positive hooksets. The star drag and spool tension knob have audible clickers for keeping track of adjustment changes.

Reel frames have three external drain flush ports for reel care during and after the fishing.

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Shimano Chronarch

Whether you need precision casting and finesse techniques for largemouth bass or strength and durability for redfish and speckled trout pursuits, the new Chronarch CI4+ baitcasting reels provide consistent brake force with its new SVS Infinity braking system, along with a lightweight, sensitive platform with new frame material.

With 6.2:1 and 7.6:1 gear ratios, these reels are made from a new carbon material evolving from the original CI4 model. This allowed Shimano to decrease the weight of the material while adding rigidity to eliminate flexing in the frame. And anglers in marine environments will appreciate the frame’s anti-corrosion properties.

Shimano’s new SVS Infinity brake system controls spool speed for precision casting, especially when using lighter lures. An external adjustment knob provides for quick, precise adjustments for either the conditions or when you switch baits.

Featuring seven S-ARB anti-rust ball bearings, and a one-way roller bearing for zero handle backplay, the Chronarch CI4+ reels are designed for braided line or monofilament.

More information can be found at fish.shimano.com.

Zebco 33

Celebrating 60 years of fish-catching tradition this year, Zebco dressed up the look and appearance of a classic reel that introduced so many of us to the sport of fishing. Externally, the industrial-grade brushed stainless steel covers found on The new 33 make a bold and stylistic first impression, while internal components were added to further prevent line tangles to a reel that built its reputation on frustration-free line management.

Tangle-free fishing in 2014 begins with the new 33s uniquely designed T-ring that greatly reduces the fishing line’s ability to travel behind the spinnerhead. Plus, bird nests are further prevented from getting behind the spinnerhead by an innovative no-tangle pick-up pin control arm configuration.

Although fine for bluegill, the Zebco 33 is not limited to small fish, and the brand new MicroFine Drag adjustment enhances this reel’s ability to land larger catches through smoother, more-precise and accurate drag settings.

The 3.6:1 gear systems in the 60th anniversary edition feature the tightest tolerances ever built into a Zebco 33, collecting 19.1 inches of line per turn versus the slower 3.3:1 gear ratio and 18 inches of line per turn in the reels of yesteryear.

Honoring the nickname of “push button” reels, the new 33’s thumb button has been attached more securely to provide the tightest tolerances since its founding in 1954.

Find out more at Zebco.com.

Quantum Iron

A giant spool, low-profile design and modest price define the newest version of the Quantum Iron baitcast reel. A true powerhouse that’s fit for slinging swimbaits at bass or casting big plugs for big bull reds, the new Iron holds 240 yards of 14-pound line and at $199 comes in considerably less expensive than comparable products.

The reel’s exterior boasts the protection of Saltguard 2.0, which contains a Quantum-exclusive SCR alloy that is impurity free to deny corrosion an entry point. The SCR alloy is then covered in Quantum’s proprietary coating process to further prevent rust and assure long-range performance.

Inside Iron’s salt-protected chamber is a watertight Performance Tuned Carbon Stainless Ceramic drag system that resists heat and warping when a big red or jack crevalle makes a line-testing run away from the boat. Moreover, Iron delivers an impressive 24 pounds of lockdown, and 32 inches of line pick-up with every turn of the EVA foam-padded handle.

Available in both right- and left-handed models, an internally housed centrifugal braking system allows for precision cast control, and a heavy-duty brass main gear, pinion and drive shaft assure smoothness and long term I-beam like durability.

Log onto http://www.quantumfishing.com.

Daiwa Tatula

You don’t have to make your living with a fishing rod to appreciate and demand pro-level equipment. And Daiwa’s TATULA reels offer the durability and performance for that top-tier angling action.

Precision Japanese gear design within a rock-solid one-piece aluminum frame yields amazing results, while Daiwa’s Air Rotation technology provides super-smooth, vibration-free movement with each turn of the handle.

For all-out casting performance, TATULA’S hybrid levelwind design blends the durability of a standard levelwind with the casting performance of Daiwa’s T-Wing casting aperture. Punch the clutch and feel the precision as the rotating guide toggles into place. Make a cast and the smooth, easy outflow of line expresses the difference.

Standard TATULA features include the T-Wing System; rugged, lightweight aluminum frame and side plate (gear side); Magforce-Z cast control; infinite anti-reverse; and corrosion-resistant clutch mechanism.

Type-R special features include a super lightweight A7075 aluminum spool, Hyper Speed 8.1 or all-around 6.3:1 gear ratios, seven ball bearings (including 2 CRBB) plus roller bearing and Zaion swept star drag

The ultra-fine tuned Type-R models retail for $199.95, while standard models $149.95.

Go to http://www.daiwa.com for more information.

Okuma Komodo and Citrix 350 Low-Profile Baitcast Reels

When you want to put the brakes on lunker bass or bull reds, you need a reel with strength, line capacity and a stout drag system. Okuma answers this call with the Komodo and Citrix 350 low-profile baitcast reels.

With an industry-leading line capacity of 230-yards of 14-pound monofilament, these reels offer handle configurations and gear ratios to custom tailor the model to suit all presentations.

Maximizing the opportunity provided by substantial line capacity is a carbonite and stainless steel drag system that outputs 25 pounds of maximum drag. The Komodo’s main gear, pinion gear and drive shaft are constructed from stainless steel for uncompromising strength. The Citrix combines a stainless steel spool shaft with a main gear and pinion gear made of Dura Brass for exceptional smoothness.

The Komodo is a 10-bearing-plus-roller-bearing system, while the Citrix is a 7-bearing-plus-roller-bearing system. With frame, spool and handle-side plate made of aluminum for superior strength and long-term alignment of internal parts, both options feature an internally adjustable centrifugal cast control system and dual anti-reverse system for rock-solid hooksets.

More information can be found at www.okumafishing.com.

Abu-Garcia Revo Rocket

The name says it all, and the Revo Rocket’s 37 inches of line pickup justifies the implication. Building its low-profile reel with a blinding 9:1 gear ratio, Abu-Garcia offers superior performance for walking topwater lures or burning up spinnerbaits, buzzbaits or crankbaits — all  techniques that require a high-ratio reel.

The Revo Rocket features an extended bent carbon fiber handle with oversized EVA knobs that complement the high-speed gear ratio and provides anglers a perfectly balanced package. Inside, 10 stainless steel High Performance Corrosion Resistant bearings plus one roller bearing give the Revo Rocket exceptionally smooth performance. X2-Cräftic alloy frame and side plates offer increased corrosion resistance, while the D2 gear design provides a more-efficient gear system while improving gear durability.

The Rocket’s Infini brake system ensures extreme casting control by combining a centrifugal brake system with an externally adjustable magnetic brake for a highly adjustable casting system. The Revo Rocket weighs 6.75 ounces and holds 145 yards of 12-pound monofilament or 140 yards of 30-pound braid.

The Revo Rocket retails for $299.95. More information can be found at www.abugarcia.com.