On the outside, the new Zebco 33 features an industrial-grade brushed stainless steel cover, but internally it features a few tweaks that cement its reputation for legendary reliability and frustration-free line management.

A newly-designed T-ring greatly reduces the line’s ability to travel behind the spinnerhead, and “bird’s nests” are further prevented by an innovative no-tangle pick-up pin control arm configuration.

Plus, a brand new microfine drag adjustment confirms the 33’s ability to land big fish through smoother, more precise drag settings.

The 3.6:1 gear systems in the 60th anniversary model feature the tightest tolerances ever built into a Zebco 33, collecting 19.1 inches of line per turn, versus the slower 3.3:1 gear ratio in reels of yesteryear.

Even the thumb button on the brand new model has been attached more securely to provide the tightest tolerances since 1954, when it began its 60-year run as America’s best selling fishing reel.

For more information, you can visit Zebco's website by clicking here. When it arrives in stores, the suggested retail price for the new Zebco 33 will be about $24.99.