Hunters born on or after Sept. 1, 1969 can purchase a hunting license without hunter education certification, but they will receive a restricted license requiring them to be supervised, according to a press release from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Hunters without certification are required to be directly supervised by a licensed hunter born prior to Sept. 1, 1969, or by a person 18 or older who has received hunter education certification, the release states.

According to the release, direct supervision means the hunter without hunter education certification is within hearing distance of a normal voice and in the direct line of sight of the supervising adult.

Act 335 of the 2010 regular session of the Louisiana legislature allows hunters with a restricted license to hunt unsupervised if they have received hunter education certification and carry proof of such certification on their person while hunting.

Persons born after Sept. 1, 1969 and who are 12 years old or older may hunt unsupervised if they have successfully completed an approved hunter education class. But hunters 10 and 11 years old are required to be directly supervised even if they are hunter education certified, the release states.

There is no minimum age for attending a hunter education course, but persons under 10 cannot receive hunter education certification and must be directly supervised while hunting, according to the release.

To obtain hunter education certification, students can attend a traditional classroom course consisting of 10 hours of instruction taught over two to three days, or they can complete a home study version available online or by CD-Rom.

The release states that hunters who choose the home study version must also attend a mandatory six-hour field day event.

Both the traditional classroom course and the CD-Rom course are free, but there is a $15 charge to take the online version of the home course. The home study version is not recommended for students younger than 14, the release states.

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