Speckled trout have arrived in the inner bays and coastal marshes near Delacroix, according to a fishing guide.

Capt. Randall Shaw with Louisiana Fishing Charters said the challenge right now isn’t catching trout, it’s finding the specks that are at least 12-inches long.

“Pretty much all the spots have trout,” Shaw said. “It’s just more or less finding trout that are keepers. You’re going to find a few here and a few there, which is not uncommon for this time of year.”

Shaw said the first cool snap that came through about a week ago lowered the water temperature slightly for a few days and helped the specks push further inside.

“That’s when the trout really showed up,” Shaw said. “Everybody caught trout everywhere in Delacroix. That’s the thing - there’s not really one specific area where the trout are being caught.

“They’re catching trout all over the place, you’re just not going to pick up a hundred in one spot.”

Shaw said he had heard reports of limits being caught as far inland as Lake Lery, but suggested working off the Twin Pipelines or Oak River. Bayou Lafourche, Bay Gardene, Oak River Bay, Lake John and Four Horse Lake are all producing fish.

“Try right off the deep channels,” he said. “As long as you’re close to the deep channels, that seems to be where the fish have been showing up.”

That being said, Shaw said larger specks still remain in the outer bays, as well.

“There are still big trout out there, 3-pound trout,” he said. “The Iron Banks, The Wreck, Stone Island, all the regular hotspots out there.”

Live shrimp under a cork are effective, and the new Vortex Matrix Shad in kamikaze has been super in clear water there, he said.

“That lure is doing really well,” Shaw said. “They were lighting that thing up.”

The redfish bite also continues at a furious pace along points and pockets, either with shrimp or plastic under a popping cork.

“Redfish are everywhere,” he said. “Almost a dime a dozen. You can pick up three or four at just about every point. Everybody’s coming back with limits of redfish.”