Specks have begun their initial move into the coastal marshes near Dularge, and Capt. Marty Lacoste said the arrival of an expected cool front this weekend should only improve trout fishing as fall approaches. 

“”I think the cool snap will help out a lot,” said LaCoste, who operates Absolute Fishing Charters in Dularge. “That may actually be the little jump start we need.”

On Wednesday, LaCoste said a friend of his had a really successful speck trip that was a good indicator of the trouts’ progress pushing into coastal marshes.

“One of my buddies fished today and had 23 specks by himself, along with a few white trout,” he said. “They’re definitely making their way in.”

Next week, after expected rains on Friday and Saturday as the front pushes through, LaCoste said he plans to start fishing for specks in Sister Lake and Lake Mechant looking for birds. He’ll be using double-rigged Matrix Shad or Endura shrimp under a cork.

“The shrimp are going to be showing up and the trout will be feeding on the shrimp under the birds,” LaCoste said.

This time of year, you might have to weed through the smaller trout until bigger ones arrive next month, he said.

“There’s a bunch of small ones who come in first. You might have to catch 100 to keep 50,” he said. “But once we get into October, that’s when the big specks are going to really show up.”

Redfish-wise, limits are still being taken every day, he said. 

He prefers fishing with cracked crab on a Carolina rig in the deeper holes, and in shallower ponds, the Matrix Shad in green hornet and tiger bait on a ¼-ounce jighead with or without a gold spinner. He’s also enjoyed success with the new Vortex Shad in Spartacus, he said.

With the recent east winds and expected rough weather on Friday and Saturday, LaCoste said it’s always important to be familiar with fishing locations that match current conditions.

“You’ve got to find the protected banks with clean water,” he said. “That’s where the fish are going to be. On the leeward side where it’s protected. You just have to know where to find ‘em.”