In the Venice area, speckled trout remain in transition while conditions on the Mississippi River have improved for redfish and flounder, a guide said.

Capt. Jon Lemle with Run N’ Gun Outfitters in Boothville, said the river has finally fallen and the water is pretty now.

“When the river falls and gets to about 5 feet on the New Orleans gauge, it turns green and gets salty, and the redfish pull into the river,” Lemle said. “You’re actually fishing in the river, in the passes, on the rocks and in breaks.

“Typically it falls at the end of August. It’s a little late this year, which is good for duck season because there’s plenty of grass. It’s a little bit late, but it’s getting perfect,” he said.

Redfish and flounder are good in the river, as well as the diversions and spillways, he said.

“Look for them along all of canals directly connected to the passes. That’s the main thing - it’s got to be connected off the river,” Lemle said. “It fluctuates with the tide, but you have that steady river current, and that’s what those fish are looking for.”

Lemle suggested using purple and chartreuse plastics with a piece of shrimp, or spoons and spinnerbaits if you’re fishing along the rocks, cuts or passes.

Speck-wise, the wait continues for the trout to make a serious push into the coastal marshes.

“This time of year the speckled trout are pretty much finished spawning. And they’re kind of in limbo,” he said. “They’re waiting for cold weather to go from the outside edges of the gulf to come back inside.

“And that’s what we’re waiting on,” he said. “They’re few and far between right now.”

He heard reports of some trout being caught in Black Bay, but with 5 to 15 mph east and southeast winds forecast this weekend, Lemle said conditions won’t be ideal.

“It’s definitely rough,” he said. “Speckled trout are tough right now.”