Redfish action remains fast and furious in the Biloxi Marsh, while speckled trout are still relatively sparse in Lake Borgne and Lake Ponchartrain, according to Capt. Mike Gallo with Angling Adventures of Louisiana.

“Most of the speckled trout are out in the open lakes and bays,” Gallo said. “They’re still in saltier water spawning. In about five or six weeks, we’ll start to see a slow transition of trout moving into this area.”

Gallo said he hadn’t heard of any reports of specks in Lake Ponchartrain, either.

“The trout you’ll find in Lake Ponchartrain now are not mature enough to reproduce, so that instinct to move out to salty water is not there yet,” he said.

If you’re looking for specks, he recommended the large rig about 1.8 miles east of the mouth of Rigolets Pass. Gallo said to fish on the bottom with a drop shot rig using live shrimp. 

The deep water of Rigolets Pass is also a good spot when tidal ranges aren’t wide, he said.

“That’s the time to fish Rigolets Pass,” he said. “When you don’t have a lot of water movement, it’s easier to get you bait down in the current to the bottom.”

For redfish in the marsh, he suggested Bayou Biloxi itself or the Southwest Branch for great action.

“Look for those clean areas with underwater grass and mullet,” Gallo said. “Look for that combination, and that’s a great place to start. Put the trolling motor down and ease along the shoreline like bass fishermen do.”

Redfish are biting on a variety of baits, including live shrimp under a cork, the Golden Eye Spinner, jerkbaits, spoons and Chatterbaits. 

“Redfish are my best friend,” Gallo said. “They’ll bite just about anything.”

Bull reds are moving into the area now to spawn through about Thanksgiving, he said.

“If you catch one, we practice C.P.R.: catch, photograph and release,” Gallo said. “We want to let those guys go because they’re making little ones for us to keep later.”