In a special meeting in New Orleans on Wednesday, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council voted to increase the 2013 red snapper total quota to 11 million pounds.

That’s up from the 8.46 million pound quota established in March.

That means a 2013 commercial quota of 5.610 million pounds and a recreational quota of 5.390 million pounds, according to a press release from the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council.

In addition, if the National Marine Fisheries System ultimately determines that unused recreational quota is available, recreational fisherman could have up to a 21-day fall snapper season starting on Oct. 1. The season would run continuously until the quota is met, according to the council.

The 11 million pound quota is the highest catch level the council could set without having to possibly decrease the quota in subsequent years, the release stated.

While preliminary estimates indicate the supplemental season will be approximately 21 days long, this estimate will be reevaluated when the June recreational landings become available in mid-August.

According to The Advocate in Baton Rouge, Camp Matens, one of three Louisiana representatives on the council, said the most likely scenario is a season less than the 21 days outlined in a chart provided by the council during the meeting.