The new Live Target Shrimp, complete with natural scent and a rattle chamber to create the "ticking" sound associated with shrimp movement, is expected to be available in stores by November.

The lures will comes in 3-inch and 4-inch versions, and are balanced to fall naturally because of strategic placement of internal weights. A proprietary shrimp scent is even infused into the plastic during the manufacturing process to add more familiarity to a predator's sense of smell and taste.

Premium saltwater hooks are pre-rigged appropriately to each model's size and custom weight system.

Several colors for the new saltwater soft plastic series will be available to match fishing conditions, including Brown, Sand, Glass, Pink, Glow and White.

The shrimp will be sold individually, or in packages of four. A single 3-inch lure will retail for about $4.49, with the 4-inch version going for $5.49.

The four-lure value pack will be $10.49 for the 3-inch version, and $11.49 for the 4-inch size.