An early morning trip with live shrimp under a popping cork could be your key for speckled trout and redfish in Calcasieu Lake this weekend.

Capt. Kelly Bickham with A Hot Spot Fishing Charter out of Hackberry said the weekend forecast calls for spotty afternoon thunderstorms, so he recommended an early-morning trip.

"We've been doing pretty good," he said. "I wouldn't say it's as good as it can be, but we've been able to go out and catch fish. I can't complain."

This time of year, he likes to work his way along the Calcasieu Ship Channel, and also said he's had some success in the reefs on the lake.

"We've been fishing along the edge of the channel because it gets so hot in the middle of the day right now," Bickham said. "That water is cooler in the channel."

Depending on wind conditions and tides, he also suggested Long Point or the weirs at Lambert Bayou.

"It just depends on lots of factors. If it's blowing out of the east, fish on the east side to get the wind break off the bank," he said. "And if you catch a set of birds working, go with plastics."