Dirk Matherne's turtle trap is simple in construction, requiring nothing more than 2-inch-by-4-inch animal wire fencing material and hog rings to hold it together.

The trap is a cylinder, somewhat flattened at the entrance end to accommodate the flue or throat, which funnels the hungry reptiles into the trap but makes it difficult for them to leave.

The flue is made of two pieces of fencing, set opposite to each other and at converging angles.

A trap door is cut into one side of the trap to allow removal of the turtles. Hog rings are used as hinges, and the door is held shut with a wire.

Bait, any kind of fish, is placed in a crawfish sack and hung from the side of the trap near the door. It must be positioned so that it will be in the water when the trap is set in fishing position.

Dimensions of his trap are 5 feet long and at the semi-flattened entrance end 30 inches by 16 inches.