When Capt. Allen Moreau set the hook Tuesday, he knew he had a good fish. It turned out to be a 7-pound speckled trout.

Moreau has been running to the South Pass jetties at the mouth of the Mississippi River whenever the winds are light enough for him to get there and troll. The winds of the past couple weeks have only allowed a few such trips, but Tuesday's forecast was for very light winds — perfect for casting along the rock wall.

Moreau's method is simple: troll slow, cast up close to the rocks and work the bait back to the boat.

The method was successful enough that his group ice a couple dozen trout in the 2- to 4-pound range and a dozen reds in the 24- to 26-inch class.

The 7-pound trout, which grabbed a green beetle rigged on a ⅜-ounce jighead, just added icing on the trip.