The Internet has been abuzz lately with warnings that tickets are being issued at boat landings to boaters whose trailers have no inspection tags.

"Don't know if this is the truth or a rumor, (but) I was told this morning that (Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agent(s) were waiting at boat launches checking for boat trailer inspection tag(s)," user "rangerz" posted April 13 on the forum. "Anyone else heard of this?"

LDWF's Lt. Col. Jeff Mayne  and Louisiana State Troop's Sgt. J.B. Slaton told Louisiana Sportsman today that their agencies aren't pursuing any organized campaigns designed to catch those without inspected trailers — but Slaton pointed out that a state law does require that trailers are inspected annually, just the same as vehicles.

Louisiana Revised Statute 32:1304 states that "every motor vehicle, low-speed vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, and pole trailer registered in this state be inspected, and that an official certificate of inspection and approval be obtained for such vehicle."

That's probably a huge surprise to most anglers in the state — and Mayne was one of those caught off guard when he learned of the state law.

"I asked somebody about it, and was told they didn't do that any more," he said. "I guess I asked the wrong person.

"I guess I better get my trailer inspected, then."

Slaton said he's not surprised by the confusion.

"Throughout all law enforcement (agencies), it's never really been enforced on trailers," Slaton said. "People had trailers all over the place — it's the Sportsman's Paradise — and no one worried about it."

Inspections can be secured anywhere automobile inspections are given, and Slaton suggested pairing truck and trailer inspections.

"That way, they know when their (tow vehicle) needs to be inspected that their trailer needs to be inspected, too," Slaton said.

The cost is $10 annually, or $20 for a two-year certificate.