Governors from four of the five states bordering the Gulf of Mexico are calling on Congress to allow states to manage red snapper off their coasts, according to Gov. Bobby Jindal's office.

Joining Jindal in the call for regional red snapper fishery management are Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant.

A letter to sent to congressional leaders says federal fisheries management is "irretrievably broken" and asks for legislation to allow state managers to take over.

"After three decades under ineffective federal management, our citizens are left with a nine-day season for this iconic fish — and that is just an unacceptable outcome," Jindal said. "Our own Department of Wildlife & Fisheries has worked constructively with user groups like the Coastal Conservation Association and shown how proper management can foster our wildlife resources to be vibrant economic engines for Louisiana.

"We should not have to settle for overarching, subpar management of these resources by the federal government. The Gulf states have all proven they can do a far better job not only creating healthy fisheries but providing greater access to them for our citizens. We are calling on Congress to give us the opportunity to do so."

Florida's Gov. Scott said regional management simply makes better sense than managing red snapper as a single Gulf-wide zone, and agreed with Jindal that state managers would make better decisions.

"As one of the top fishing destinations in the world, no one understands Florida fisheries better than state and local communities," he said. "The current unilateral regulatory framework administered by the federal government for red snapper lacks flexibility, and has undermined the expertise of our state fishery officials and local fishing communities.

"State officials, working in partnership with local communities, are far better suited for protecting red snapper while providing local economies with reasonable standards that allow families to pursue jobs in Florida's bountiful waters."

Texas Gov. Perry said his state has a track record that supports regionalizing management.

"Texas has proven the ability to manage and improve the health of fisheries in the western Gulf, including red snapper," Perry said. "Establishing state-based management provides a pragmatic approach to regional management of this important resource."

Click here to read the letter sent to congressional leaders.