Troy Terrebonne is a third-generation owner of Cut Off Net Shop. Although he estimates over 90 percent of his business is making shrimp nets for commercial shrimpers, he reserves a corner of his shop for bait nets.

"People like to catch their own bait," he told me while loading Don Bordelon's boat back in the trailer at Oak Ridge Park boat ramp. "We've got bait nets that start around 6 feet up to 16 feet, but our 12-foot net is the most popular. They're identical to the commercial shrimp nets, but you can pull them out the back of any boat, as long as it's got at least a 9-horsepower (outboard) on it."

Terrebonne said anyone wanting to pull their own bait nets should be aware of the legalities involved.

"You need the $25 recreational trawling license," he explained. "You can get your license anywhere you get a fishing license."

According to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries regulations, recreational trawlers also must have a basic and saltwater fishing license along with the recreational trawling license.

Terrebonne said thee also are times it's illegal to drag nets.

"And you've got to follow the trawling season," he said. "It usually starts somewhere in the beginning to middle of May, closes most of July and opens again from the middle of August to December."

Terrebonne's bait nets are easily stored in a shrimp basket on a fishing boat. To deploy them, he said all you've got to do is drop the net in a clean canal and drag it as you leave the boat ramp.

"Don't pull it any more then 10 minutes or you'll drown your bait," he instructed. "All you've got to do is pick up your net and transfer all the shrimp and croakers from the net into your livewell."

Although shrimp and croaker can usually be caught in the same area, Terrebonne does have a few different styles of nets. Some are better for shrimp, and some are better for croaker.

To make sure you are legal, pick up a copy of the 2013 Louisiana Fishing Regulations pamphlet and read the section on recreational trawling.

For more information, contact Terrebonne at 985-637-8046 or visit him at Highway 1 at West 80th Street on your way through.