On Monday, Cap. Kade Shaw was fighting fog and high winds on Calcasieu Lake after launching from Hebert's Landing.

"We moved slowly, and eventually we were able to pull up on some scattered shell in a protected area on the western edge of the lake," the 24-year-old guide said. "Mullet were rolling all over the area, and good trout were hitting them."

Shaw said, he was initially able to catch a few, fat 2- and 3-pounders casting with 5-inch diamond/black/chartreuse Wedgetail Mullets.

"I then decided to start throwing a black/chartreuse Corky and caught a 4- pounder and a couple more at 2 pounds," he said. "I work it by dog-walking it slowly under the surface and pausing it now and then.

"Another mullet rolled and I threw the Corky again. I dog-walked it slowly right under the surface and didn't have time to stop it when the fish hit."

After the speck was brought to the net and boat, Shaw measured it at 27 inches and weighed it at 6.75- pounds.

And on Calcasieu Lake, this pattern has been pretty much sustained due chiefly to the winds, according to the angler.

"Right now, I would fish wherever you can get close to a protected bank if we continue to have these winds," Shaw said. "Once the sun begins to shine on the lake and the winds start to calm down, then anglers should venture out to find clear water and moving bait."

Shaw also said anglers should watch the bait activity closely.

"If you see mullet working the waters, well, I would suggest you throw plastics like 5-inch Wedgetails for larger fish," said Shaw. "Also, Corkys are working well right now.

"On the other hand, if you find shrimp popping the waters with birds working overhead, then anglers should throw smaller plastics like the 3 ½-inch Wedgetails and Bayou Chubs, as well as chartreuse and root beer sparkle beetles."

With the heavy winds, Shaw advised anglers to fish protected coves and the eastern banks of Calcasieu below Hebert's Landing.

"I'm also getting reports from the Turner's area when the winds are calm," he said.

Turner's Bay is loaded with reefs, and birds have already been working the area to snap up small shrimp.

Anglers' best access to the Turner's Bay area is from Calcasieu Point Marina located 4.4 miles south of the Country Club intersection on the western end of Henry Pugh road. Turner's Bay is just south of the landing, and can be located by following the ship channel.

For more information, contact Captain Shaw at Shaw's Guide Service 337-764-2913.