Capt. Chris Pike with Cast and Blast Charters has been smashing the trout in Delacroix for the past few days. The key is understanding where to fish on any given day, he said.

Pike drifts the deeper canals on colder days, and then fishing the flats, ponds and shallow bays on warmer days.

"Any duck ponds will usually have a deep canal leading to them," Pike said. "Definitely drift the deep canals into the ponds, especially on your colder days."

Pike has been catching up to 80 trout in a day in duck ponds surrounding areas such as Lake Batola, Skippy's lake, Oak River by Orange Bayou and Lake Amedee.

"Just drift the ponds with a chartreuse or opening night Saltwater Assassin about 2 feet under a cork." Pike said. "Those snap-on corks have been working really well. I don't like to use those tie-on popping corks with the beads on them because they really make too much noise for this time of the year.

"One thing that I find helps a lot when fishing with a cork is popping the cork right as it hits the water. I tell a lot of people that because they will cast and reel before even popping their cork. If you cast right on top of the fish and the bait just sits there for a little bit a lot of the time the fish won't hit it."

Pike said drifting is the key to catching trout during this time of the year.

"In these little ponds, you'll catch 10 or 12 fish on one drift and then go back to where you started and just drift it again, and catch another 10 or 12," Pike said.