Standard Mapping maps have been the golden standard for Louisiana anglers for years, but now the same high-definition imaging that makes their printed products so useful are now available for Lowrance's HDS system.

Standard Mapping's E-Card is a marriage of Standard's popular waterproof, highly accurate, laminated maps containing all of the same water-body designations, landmarks and GPS coordinates and LOWRANCE High Definition GPS Technology.

Twenty areas currently are available, and the company will be expanding the offerings to include the full line of maps.

"This newly designed system works to bring customers an accuracy never before attainable, where navigating the backwaters of the marsh have become essential for sport and tournament fishing," Standard Mapping owner Glenn Schurr said. "Unsure of where exactly their location lies, customers relying on modern GPS navigational mapping (can expect) little accuracy and vague landscapes on screen.

"Our tested and proven imagery comes to life with unparalleled detail on (SD) data cards. This will enable sportsman to travel deep within the marsh, to the ponds or points that interest them most. Our customers and retailers have demanded this solution time and again.

"I'm excited about the release of this new software, as its been a long time coming."

Prices for the E-Card start at $69.95.
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The cards are available at:

• Baton Rouge: Front to Back Boat Service

• New Orleans: Puglia's Sporting Goods