Wahoo and tuna, in spite of their large size, do not have large heavy bones.

Wahoo of any size are cleaned by Ricky Richoux of Slimeslingers Professional Fish Cleaning with only his F. Dick Stiff blade. He will occasionally use his Dexter Russell Tiger Edge blade to cut through the rib cage of tunas, depending upon his need for speed and how badly he wants to protect the edge of his stiff blade.

Calling these fish "delicate-boned," Richoux emphasized that even large specimens do not have the heavy bones of redfish, drum, snappers and amberjacks.

The 6-inch blades of the F. Dick knives are adequate to clean even the largest tuna that show up on his cleaning table.

First cuts are always made with just the tip of the knife. On the second and later passes he cuts deeper. Smaller and shallower cuts, rather than one deep cut to loosen flesh from the carcass gives better knife control and reduces the amount of flesh left behind on the carcass.