Six mooring buoys were placed last week on the Brad Vincent Artificial Reef, which was constructed last year in Calcasieu Lake as part of a CCA Louisiana effort to increase fishery habitat across the Louisiana coast.

The buoys include mooring cleats for boats to use, and are held in place by 400-pound concrete anchors.

Coordinates for the center of the Big Lake reef are 29° 56' 30.844" N/93° 17' 24.894"W.

The eight-acre artificial reef was built to honor the late Brad Vincent, a Lake Charles conservationist Brad Vincent. Recycled concrete road rubble from a Lake Charles area highway project was used.

Partners in this unique effort included CCA's Building Conservation Program, Shell Oil Company, The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Road Rock Recycling, Century Group, The Paul Candies Family and NOAA.