For many would-be anglers, it's too cold during the winter to get their hands slimy. They would rather go soft next to a fireplace with hot coco.

But diehard anglers know that fish don't care if it's cold — they have to eat some times.

In fact, wintertime and cold temperatures can spur some of the best fishing of the entire year in the Dularge area, according to Marty LaCoste of Absolute Fishing Charters.

Depending on the water temperature the boat can be loaded with reds, specks, or both.

"I love winter fishing," LaCoste said. "Cold-water fishing for reds on the bottom is effective when the temperature gets down to the 40s. This is when the reds stack up in the dead ends.

"When the temperature gets up to the 50s, we fish for specks."

LaCoste said the key is to understand that fish simply move between depths as the temperature fluctuates.

"It's important to fish 6- 10-foot water depths in the bayous and canals when the water temperature is around 53 degrees (fishing for specks and reds)," he said. "You should just target reds when the temperature falls into the 40s.

"When it warms up in the mid-day and afternoon, the fish will move up on the flats on top of the oyster reefs surrounding the Dularge area."

He said that was proven when Friday.

"I had a friend go out and limit on specks and reds, so the fish are definitely biting still," LaCoste said. "You've just got to get out there."

LaCoste likes to keep a wide arsenal of artificial lures on hand during the winter so he can change up at a moment's notice.

"High Life Tackle's Swimmer Juniors in purple haze, Matrix Shad's green hornet and the tiger bait – slow retrieve on the bottom during the winter in any water depth."