Bryce Michel has so much confidence in the Lake Mechant/Lake de Cade area in November and December that he thinks the biggest mistake a fisherman can make is staying at home instead of going fishing.

The two lakes and the bayous between, —Chevreau, Fred, Dufrene and Small — are where the fish want to be.

But still, some conditions are better than others.

The best tidal range, he said, is about 1 foot, with it falling in the morning.

But he qualifies that by saying he loves an incoming tide too.

The tide offers good fishing when it first starts running, although sometimes it is "a little stained." Under these conditions, water clarity often improves midway through the tide.

"You can have the best tide," he said, "but wind is a big factor."

That's because it makes it hard to control a boat.

Anglers can retreat from the lakes into the bayous, but if the wind is strong enough, it will muddy pond waters that drain into the bayous and discolor them.

As for cold temperatures, they aren't a factor, according to Michel.

"The colder it gets, the better this place gets, at least to that 50-degree water temperature mark," he said "But the redfishing stays incredible!"