Lake Pontchartrain has been producing trout averaging over 2 pounds, with some weighing in at over 5. The last two cold fronts that rolled through the area have lowered the water temperature substantially but, according to tournament fisherman Josh Hall, the fishing will get better before it averages out.

Hall spends most of his time in the lake, and he is fully convinced that it holds some of the best fishing in the state.

"Granted, I've been fishing the lake for as long as I can remember, and I know how to fish it," Hall said. "Our best bite over the past few weeks has been in the afternoon between 1 and 4 o'clock."

Hall fishes many areas on the south and western ends of the lake. He disclosed that he landed some 5-pounders near some wellheads on the west side of the lake about a month ago, and that his friends have given him reports that they are still bringing in sizable fish.

Hall said experience has taught him that fishing in the lake will get better through November until the water temperatures get down to the 50s in the dead of winter, at which time fishing will slow down.

"I just don't fish the west side right now because Seabrook has been so good," Hall said. "The area between the airport wall and the catwalk has been good. There is a lot of debris and trash in the water, though, and you will get snagged — so expect to lose some jigheads.

"Fish towards the Seabrook bridge as well; just go until you find the holes around the bridge."

He said 2 ½-pound trout are not uncommon in the Seabrook area right now. Magnito Matrix Shad tipped with chartreuse seems to be one of the most-productive lures for catching these bigger fish.

"The Magnito color is good, but I just find that the strike is just so much more aggressive with the chartreuse," Hall explained. "The key is fishing slow; a slow retrieve with a ⅜- or ⅛-ounce jigheads is important.

"After the cold front, the trout are on the bottom and you have to drag the bait in front of their face."

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