Bernice's Daniel Colvin knew the 8-point his trail camera had revealed was a brute. He just didn't know how big it really was until he laid his hands on the rack once the buck was on the ground Monday afternoon (Oct. 29).

Tape still had to be stretched on the antlers, but several observers say the rack should top out in the 150 class — quite a score for an 8 point.

"It's for sure the biggest buck I ever saw in Corney Bottom," Colvin said.

He hunts on family land in Union Parish that bumps up against Corney Creek, a mecca for wildlife in that part of the world.

"I had a couple of trail-cam photos of the deer, both made about a mile from where I shot him," Colvin explained. "Also, my dad saw him a couple of times while he was bow hunting. I love to bow hunt, but a torn rotator cuff knocked that out this season, so I set my goal to try and get the big 8-point with my rifle,"

Since he was unable to bow hunt, Colvin spent his time before gun season opened chasing squirrels on the property, a venture that not only provided plenty of squirrels for the freezer but also gave him the opportunity to check for deer sign in the area he'd soon be deer hunting.

"While I was squirrel hunting, I saw deer and plenty of sign to let me know that if I hit it just right, maybe I'd be on my stand when that big 8-point buck lowered his guard while checking out the does, and that's exactly what happened," Colvin said.

He had hunted Monday morning, and had seen several deer from the ground blind he had set up on a green field planted with wheat, clover and purple-top turnips. The buck he had his sights on didn't show that morning, but Colvin felt confident the big buck would show himself sooner or later.

"I was back in my ground blind that afternoon, and soon a couple of does and yearlings came onto the field to feed," he said. "Then about 45 minutes before dark the does all looked back, and the big buck stepped out 200 yards away.

"He headed toward the does and, at around 150 yards, he turned broadside and I dropped him in his tracks."

Colvin knew he was hunting a big buck, but he wasn't prepared for what he found when he walked up to his trophy.

"I knew this was the biggest buck I'd ever seen around here, and when I got to him and saw all the mass and tine length, I just about lost it. I had such an adrenalin rush it took me several minutes to calm down," Colvin recalled.

The buck sported a rack that featured an 18 ¼-inch inside spread, which really didn't do justice to the mass this buck carried. The main beams were each over 23 inches long, G-2s measured just over 12 inches and the circumferences of the bases was eye-popping. One base was just over 5 inches, while the other was just a whisker short of 6 inches.

The mass held along the beams: The circumference of the bases between the G-2 and G-3 was just over 5 inches.

The buck tipped the scales at 215 pounds.

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