It was fitting that Shane Ragon fell to his knees when he first put his hands on the massive antlers of the buck he killed Oct. 6 in the middle of a sweet potato field near his home in Calhoun County.

Heck, he was on both knees when he made the shot.

"I am not ashamed to tell you that I got very emotional when I grabbed those antlers and lifted them up and saw what I had done," the 40-year-old Ragon said. "I cried. I laughed. I cried again. And I laughed again.

"And I prayed, too, thanking the Lord for giving me the opportunity to take such a remarkable animal"

Remarkable? You bet.

"It was greenscored at 203 5/8 inches, gross," the Calhoun City hunter said. "It is a 7x7 main frame with 12 sticker points that measure 25 inches non-typical. It doesn't have a lot of mass — it's less than 16 inches inside spread — but, boy, it makes up for it with those points."

Even if the score drops 8 inches after the 60-day drying period for an official score, the buck will become the third largest non-typical buck ever killed in Mississippi, according to the Magnolia Records.

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