The Who Dat chant at Saints games rings a little hollow this year, but for Capt. John Falterman Jr. and other Louisiana anglers throwing the Bomber Who Dat Spoon, they don't mind a hollow Who Dat.

"The Who Dat Spoon, at least the one I use, is actually three baits in one," Falterman told me while handing me one and indicating that I shake it a little bit.

"Kim Norton (of Bomber) and I played around with it a couple years ago to test it, and it's turned out to be a phenomenal lure. This one's got the spoon and a spinner blade, but I think the key is the hollow body that holds the rattles that really shake things up in the water."

With its combination of attributes, the Who Dat spoon Falterman uses is a combination of a spinnerbait, a spoon and a rattling popping cork: It's got the sound to attract fish, the vibration and flash to help them find it, and the wobbling action to seal the deal when they get in range.

"Not only that, but it's heavier than regular spoons, so you can cast it farther," Falterman said. "It's been a great lure for the redfish around Lake Pontchartrain in Catherine and Borgne, and it's perfect for the stick-and-move tactic I use around here."