Deer-hunting success comes down to how much work you've put in, and it's a never-ending battle to gain the upper hand on a wily buck.

So hard-core deer hunters not only spend time in the field, but they read everything they can to learn more about their quarry.

And the 154-page book "Louisiana Whitetails: Your guide to growing big deer, managing the herd and figuring out where to hunt them" by Dave Moreland should be in the library of any hunter.

Moreland has spent most of his life studying deer and shares his vast knowledge in the pages of "Louisiana Whitetails," covering topics that include best management practices, quality deer tactics for growing trophies and what areas of the state offer the best opportunities for success.

There's even a chapter dedicated to public-land hunting.

The book costs $19.95, and can be purchased online at or at Or you can download it right to your Kindle!