While October may be a transition month for redfish moving from deep bayous to shallow lakes, Absolute Fishing Charters' Capt. Marty LaCoste knows there is another transition redfish go through later in the year.

"If you think the fishing is good during October and November, just wait until December and January," LaCoste said. "What happens when the water temperature drops into the 40s once it gets cold is the redfish stack up into dead-end canals."

Like too many circus clowns in a little car, these redfish gang up so thickly that they seemingly wouldn't have anywhere to turn without bumping into or rubbing up against other fish.

"They stack up by the thousands," LaCoste said. "It's nothing to catch 100 fish a day during December.

"And the good thing about it is that all you've got to do is throw the same plastics you threw out in the lakes just a month earlier, but without the spinners."

LaCoste favors black/chartreuse, purple/chartreuse and avocado swim baits rigged on 1/4-ounce jigheads for fishing the thickly packed redfish in the backs of the dead-end canals.

"Sloooooow on the bottom," LaCoste said, making sure to drawl out the slow part. "You've heard it before that if you think you're fishing slow, slow down a lot more and you'll be in the right ballpark."