Dularge is up and running, with no real damage to infrastructure despite receiving a direct hit from Hurricane Isaac.

Capt. Marty LaCoste told LouisianaSportsman.com today that he drove all the way to the end of the highway, and saw no visible damage from the Category 1 storm.

"I'm driving through some water right now, but it looks like there wasn't really any real flooding down here," said LaCoste, who operates Absolute Fishing Charters. "I'm checking on a buddy's boat shed, and he has about 6 inches of water in it. But it's in a low-lying area and always gets some water in it."

He said water barely made it over the highway during the storm, even outside of the floodgates.

"They did close the floodgates, and on the opposite side of the floodgates the water came up about 6 inches on the road," LaCoste said.

However, all the camps look to be in good shape, and electricity isn't an issue.

"All the power is back down here in Dularge," LaCoste said. "I just went to the very end of Dularge, and there's power all the way down.

"I just brought my camper back; nothing really happened down here."

The situation looked so promising, the charter captain has already set up a fishing trip.

"We're going fishing tomorrow," LaCoste said.

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