Like most baits, football-heads come in various sizes and styles, with each made to address certain scenarios. For illustrative purposes, Hackney breaks down Strike King's trio:


Tour Grade Football Jig – With a normal, light-wire Gamakatsu hook, Hackney likes this model when he's fishing deep water or making long casts. He'll fish this on lighter line (15-pound fluorocarbon).


Heavy Hook Football Jig – This beefier jig features a heavier wire Gamakatsu hook that stands up to big fish. Hackney said he'll fish this in the same places he'll fish the standard Tour Grade jig, but maybe the water's dirtier, and/or he's using a stouter rod and heavier line (20-pound fluoro, occasionally braided line).


Finesse Football Jig – This smaller jig has a light wire hook and Hackney likes to use it on spinning tackle with light line (6- to 8-pound fluoro). The diminutive profile is ideal for clear water and finicky fish, but that light hook penetrates easily on the light line.