There's a reason so many of the worms, skirts and trailers we see in the bass-fishing arena are green pumpkin — the color mimics crawfish and all types of finfish forage.

Notwithstanding this truth, FLW Tour pro Jim Tutt opts to spice up the visual appeal of his football-head jig's skirt by weaving a few strands of dark brown, orange and blue into the darker material.

"I saw this skirt in a tackle store, and it immediately reminded me of a bream," Tutt said. "I put this on my jig in practice and got bit immediately. I didn't get a lot of bites, but the biggest bites I got and the most bites I got were on that color.

"Typically, what I try to do on a jig is match the hatch. You can hardly go wrong with green pumpkin or black-and-blue anytime — but those (accent) colors represent some type of forage, like shad or bream."

Tutt said that when it's dark and cloudy, he'll go with a black-and-blue, or black/blue/purple skirt. As the day brightens, he'll switch to more-natural colors — green pumpkin or watermelon red.