Zutie Auenson is clearly a man taken with Grand Isle, his April to September guiding headquarters. Although he is obsessed with speckled trout, he says that the island resort has it all.

"The fishing, the crabbing, the swimming, the beaches that you can go on any time make Grand Isle special," he said. "You don't have to have a boat to catch fish in Grand Isle. There is all the surf to fish. They got the bridges. They got the road [ditches, culverts and pits]. You can fish the lights at marina piers when you stay there.

"On any given day that you want fish, you can go out and catch fish. White trout can be caught all over. They are excellent to eat; they just don't freeze well.

"You can go offshore and catch mangrove and red snappers, tuna and lemonfish. During the summer you can catch all the mangrove snapper that you want. You have excellent trout fishing at the rigs in the 3- to 4-mile range from the beach.

"The back bays like Barataria and Caminada have excellent speckled trout and redfish fishing and some black drum, flounder and sheepshead. The rocks on the front [Gulf side] of the island have some of the best fishing around.

"It's all great out of Grand Isle."