28 public-land turkeys

21 private-land turkeys

43 were Stafford and his wife Debbie

5 were with somebody else calling

47 were long-beards

2 were jakes

46 were killed in the morning

3 were killed in the evening

17 were killed at areas recommended by NWTF regional directors, biologists or volunteers

7 were hunts purchased at NWTF National Conventions

18 were taken on first day of hunting

27 took two to three days

1 took four days

7 states required return trips or multiple years to kill a turkey

2 (Ohio and Pennsylvania) required three trips or three years before taking a turkey

5 (Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and West Virginia) required two trips or two years

13 turkeys in 11 different states was the best year

27 different states successfully checked off in 4 years